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  • JIANGMEN HONGYA TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD is a high technology company professional at motorcycle and motorcycle engine researching, producing , sale and international trading . The factory covers an area of 44155 square meters, located in Jiangmen city with beautiful scenery, close with the West river, so the land and river transportation are both very convenient, the geographical position is very good. We have very advanced producing and researching motorcycle and the engines equipment , and also have advanced testing ability and testing machines. We are with a producing capacity 200,000 units of engines, 500,000 units of motorcycles, 300,000 units of motorcycles per year. We have two brands: “HONGYA” “HONGYI” . Depending on the advantages of industry chain of Jiangmen city which is a motorcycle city, with very good investing environment, and motorcycle spare parts supplying system, we are trying to make our motorcycle brand as one of the main brand in the motorcycle market.

    “Technological innovation, Striving for excellence, Insist on the best quality” is the aim of our company, insist on the rule of producing and offering service to our customer is that our responsibility is protecting the benefits of the customer. And we have motorcycle exhaust emission analyzing and testing system, exhaust-gas analyzer, motorcycle engine dynamometer, three coordinates room and UG software designing system, in order to make sustainable development and have the core-competitiveness.

    We also have a motorcycle spare parts international sales department with very experienced staff in motorcycle spare part specification, packing design and packing line with professional packing machines. And the motorcycle spare parts have been exported to South America, Europe, Asian, Africa etc. Under the support of the company, HONGYA's motor parts international sales team devoted to provide the best and the fastest sales and after sales services to meeting the customers' requirements in the highest degree. Make sure that our customers been satisfied in buying and using our products.

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